I work commercially shooting portraits, and documentary projects, both stills and moving image.
I always work closely with everyone involved on each shoot, from client to crew, as I believe everyone involved has an equal role to play, this means we’re all on the same page, everyone has a voice and ensures the smooth running of each project

I’m also a practicing artist and very proud studio member of The Phoenix Studios, Brighton.
I studied for my Masters in Fine Art at Brighton University, during this time I worked with my chosen medium of photography, incorporating sound, moving image and sculpture, all of which helped to enrich my practice as a commercial and fine art photographer.

My images have been used in a number of publications: the Wire magazine, The Independent, The Guardian, DJ magazine, Carlson magazine, Marie Claire, and Triodos bank magazine.

My clients include: TFL, BUPA, BT, The Writer, KPMG, Keneo, Omobono, Storythings, Brighton Festival, IPC Publications, Sophie Robinson, Merci Visual, Creative England, BT, Bestival, Adam Freeland, Yada Yada productions and Verri Media. I’m the also co-founder of photography group Elephant and Film company PINKIE FILMS  - a creative collaboration between Writer/Director Ross Jameson and myself as editor and Director of Photography.